Separately Managed Accounts

A separately managed account (SMA) is a portfolio of individual securities managed on behalf of an investor by a professional asset management firm. SMAs were originally the province of institutions and large private investors seeking sophisticated investment solutions and direct ownership of securities. Due to advances in technology and falling trading costs, SMAs are now available to a wide range of investors.

SMAs can provide both investment and tax advantages. Potential investment advantages include:


access to institutional managers and strategies


transparency, flexibility, and control


opportunities for customization


ability to respect investor restrictions and unique requirements

Potential tax advantages of SMAs include:

opportunity for tax management at the individual security level


tax loss harvesting


ability to manage the timing and size of realized gains


avoiding imbedded gains or taxable distributions from mutual funds

F/m Investments provides access to SMAs from our innovative investment partners, implemented on our technologically-advanced, professionally-led, and institutional-grade trading platform.

Large Cap Focused

Asset Class: US Large Cap Core Equity

All Cap Focused

Asset Class: US All Cap Core Equity

Long/Short Equity

Asset Class: US Long/Short Equity

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